Building Fund Campaign

Impoverished children in the Philippines are often forced to do anything they can for food.  With average adults making $3 a day or less, they struggle to provide nourishment for their large families.  These children end up scouring the dump to try to find food or materials that they can sell for food.  They often leave the dump fully drenched in the smell from the garbage due to standing in it knee high during the day.  That’s why they are known as the “batang basura” or “smelly” kids.
To help these children find nourishment and to help break some of the cycles of systemic poverty, KLM works in three main areas:

  1. Providing meals to help the immediate need of hunger.
  2. Sponsoring children to be able to attend school.
  3. Job Creation to help families obtain income.

Each week our team visits 2 different locations serving a well-balanced meal while bringing encouragement for the families.  To increase the ability to provide meals to children, we are purchasing the current facility where we prepare food, house the church, and have youth programs.  Our goal is to raise $100,000 to make this happen!  Will you join us in our mission to help transform young lives?

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