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Dennis & Emily Alejo

Back To School to School 2022! At KLM, our heart is to help feed, educate, and disciple children in the central Philippines. That’s what makes us excited to

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Building Fund
Dennis & Emily Alejo

Building Fund Campaign

Impoverished children in the Philippines are often forced to do anything they can for food.  With average adults making $3 a day or less, they

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web design with purpose
Instant Web Tools
Dennis & Emily Alejo

Web Design with Purpose

Instant Web Tools is a full-service web development company that focuses on providing digital tools to help your business or organization thrive. At the same

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thank you lifespring church
Dennis & Emily Alejo

Thank You Lifespring Church

Just before Christmas last year, the Philippines was devastated by Super Typhoon Odette.  With winds over 120 MPH, she raced through central Philippines, including the area

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Kingdom Legacy Ministries Services

Providing Meals

Providing meals to help the immediate need of hunger.

Sponsoring Children

Sponsoring children to be able to attend school.

Job Creation

Job creation to help families obtain income.

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