Christmas Gift During Hard Time

We hope you all have had an amazing Christmas and ready to bring in the New Year! Every year at KLM, we try to bless some of our sweeties with some Christmas presents and we had some special donors this year who gave specifically to help us do that. It ended up being very special for so many of them who had lost so much in the typhoon that happened this month. They each got packages filled with clothing to replace some of what was lost, a washcloth, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and small toys. Later that afternoon, our typhoon relief began. We are focusing on the main necessities of food, shelter, water, and clothing. During this first round, families received rice, noodles, sardines, and buckets to be able to get water from the city pump as many houses are left without a water source. Because the signal is still very low there, we haven’t gotten all of the footage, but here are some glimpses of preparing and handing out some of the gifts. 15 youth are living at the KLM headquarters since their homes were destroyed. They have been so helpful in this process as our team had to wait 8 hours in line at the grocery to get items needed and then pack and prepare for handing them out. We are grateful for our team’s heart and patience to help those around them. Thank you to EVERYONE who has given so far to help those in need. We have been blown away by generosity and the prayers. After a hard few weeks, we pray this has given families HOPE and believe the words of Jesus shared will continue to grow. More to come soon along with testimonies as our team on the ground can send the updates. Happy New Year!

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