Feeding Update (covid-19)

Feeding update (covid-19)

As of last week, we were forced to think a little more creatively as the government finally said what we were afraid of, that they would not allow us to gather the children to feed them anymore because of social distancing.  Our team on the ground didn’t miss a beat though and are converting the feeding into house to house rice giveaway along with the message of Christ.  We can continue to feed if we bring food to families’ houses vs. gathering for feeding.  It is crucial to give rice currently as many are out of work without some of the government assistance that we receive here in America.  In the Philippines, we eat rice 3 times a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Our team, headed by Jenny and Pastor Banjo, are doing this rice distribution every Wednesday and Saturday. Please pray for strength, protection for the workers, and for the families.  Pray that through this time they would learn to trust in the Lord and that we might be able to be a part of that God story in some way.  Thank you Friends!

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