How a website can help your local community

Having a website is most likely associated with running a business. It can be easily overlooked that a website is also a great way of making a change in your local community. 

Raising awareness

Having a website is the easiest and probably the most effective way to tell the world about the struggles of your local community. At low cost, you can reach hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world that are willing to and can help you. 

You have the control over what type of information will be shared.  You can easily add photos and give the voice to the people that are waiting to be heard. 

People can help in many ways. Even a link to your website can make a difference and contribute to raising awareness of the situation of your community.

Money fundraising

Visitors of your website can donate to the cause. Having a website gives you a chance to raise money independently without the need of dealing with any platform that might charge you for their services. 

If you want to raise money, it is important to take care of the security of your website. If you choose to use a website builder like WebWave you get a free SSL certificate. You can be sure that all the data from your page is always encrypted and safe. 

Safety is an important part of fundraising money. People are more likely to donate when they know that they are not going to be scammed. 

Contact form 

A website gives you a great chance to stay in touch with your visitors. You can place a contact form there and collect email addresses of people that can potentially help you. 

Sen them a message once in a while to remind them about your cause or maybe share an update. Tell them about the bad news and the good news. It encourages people to be more involved and active. 


As you can see, a website can be a hand tool in the process of making a change and transforming a world to be a better place. Yet still the most important part is to never give up and always have hope for the better. 

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