Mission Trip 2019

Kingdom Legacy Ministries just celebrated its 2 year anniversary in April and it’s been such a fun adventure learning God’s path for us as a couple and the ministry.

We’ve grown from feeding a few loaves and fish in our first months, to now feeding 3000+ children every month with God’s provision!   What a celebration because with the gift of food comes the message and hope of Christ.

Kingdom Legacy is now operating out of a centralized kitchen going to 8 locations monthly, with the hope of continuing to expand that in the next two years to 16 locations.  We have stepped out in faith over this last month and began to partner with a feeding outreach that reaches the indigenous tribes of the Philippines- a feeding that requires walking up mountains and traveling by boat for many hours! 

This past month, we also surpassed our goal of sending 50 kids back to school as God grew the amount to over 70 kids! These littles will be getting the gift of education that helps them to begin to break the cycle of poverty in their families.  Take a look at our website for some fun videos of these outreaches!

There are now also three Bible Studies in three of the sites for continued growth in their walk with the Lord, and we held our first Vacation Bible School where 30 children came to learn and memorize scripture, have fun, and learn the truth about Jesus.

We are continuing to explore new areas, including purchasing the land where we currently rent our central kitchen from to be able to expand to another 8 sites. In order to continue to grow, we are going to be heading back to Cebu in early November.  This time, however, it will not just be us, but a group of 6 of us to help invest, investigate, and for this group to come back and help be ambassadors for the least, last and the lost of the Philippines.

The cost will be approximately $3,000 each to go lead and explore with this team, so we are hoping to raise at least $6000 to help cover the expenses.  Currently, God has provided $1200 of that!  Any money that we raise additionally will help our team to get the needed money for their time as well.  We know when you get to experience a Mission’s Trip, it helps to expand your view of the world, your mission, and God’s heart for all people, so we are excited about the ways God will move.

Would you consider partnering with us for this trip?  You can send in the attached sheet, or give online through our website: www.kingdomlegacyministries.org/donate.  As far as when we would need the funds by, the first $3400 by the end of July, and remainder by the end of September.

So many of you have given in the past and for that, we thank you.  This ministry would not be possible without you.  We ask for your prayers as we take this new adventure leading our first team, and for the continued growth to reach who we call our “Little Sweeties” across the seas.

With Love and Thanks,

Dennis and Emily Alejo

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