Tribal Outreach

We have stepped out in faith over this last month and began to partner with a feeding outreach that reaches the indigenous tribes of the Philippines– a feeding that requires walking up mountains and traveling by boat for many hours!

James Yan-Yan is leading the team to spread the good news to the tribes and we couldn’t wait to partner with him and his team. I (Dennis) worked with him in the Impact World Tour from 2011-2014. He is a passionate guy in reaching souls for years and Love Jesus!

There are many tucked away villages and remote areas in the Philippines that have little access to basic needs and to the message of Christ. Yan Yan’s hearts is to go to these places that perhaps are not often visited, to share the love and truth of Jesus and to work with them long-term to help meet the needs of these communities. This coincides with one of KLM’s missions, “To Reach the Unreached.”
One of the places they serve in call themselves “Forgotten people.” They were encouraged to see how far believers will go to serve them and tell them the worth and identity they have in Christ. We will be partnering with Yan’s team to go to these and other tribal areas in the coming months as they work in this community to see transformation of physical and educational needs.  If you’d like to help partner with us to help see the continued expansion of this program and others.

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