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Thank you so much for your partnership in the Back to School Project. Because of your generosity, we are able to send 90 students to get an education this year. What an amazing opportunity for the kids to go to the next grade level because of your thoughtfulness and intentionality. 

Please see the attached pictures that show you all of the little sweeties that were impacted through this event and the ones you helped to sponsor.  There is also a link to all of our pictures and a video if you want to dig in a little deeper- Feel free to share it with your friends and family.
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School Sponsorship in the Philippines

Overview: In order to help break the cycle of poverty, KLM is looking at ways to help educate our feeding site children.  We know that if a child makes it through school, they have a much better chance of getting a job that can support their family.  We started 4 years ago sending children from the dump site and our feeding kitchen area back to school.  The first year, we sent 35 children back to school with everything they needed.  The second year, we were able to send 50 back and the 3rd year we sent 72. This year our goal is to reach 150 students with the gift of education and the hope of Jesus.  Would you pray about how you might be a part of helping us reach that goal?  

Sponsoring a child for $30 each pays for their whole year of

School Supplies


School Fees

Target number

150 kids x $30 per kid= $4,500

Deadline of collection

August 20, 2020

Ways To Give

Give online or write a check to:
Kingdom Legacy Ministries:
139 Love Rd,
New Paris, OH 45347

To see the past years giving visit:

Giving Tuesday

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been back for over a week already. Our trip was one that we will not easily forget and is etched in our minds as one of our favorites. Here’s a short recap for you.

We’ve had some time to reflect and plans are in the works for growth of discipleship, feeding, and job creation. More will be unveiled soon for this, but so may of you have asked how you can be a part of what is happening in the Philippines, and so we wanted to share some easy ways to get involved:

Share: We would love the opportunity to share at your church or with a group of friends at your house one night. If you feel like you can connect us with the opportunity to share, let us know and we would be grateful for the opportunity to bring pictures, stories, and ways to partner with us.

Give: Over this holiday season, we would love to have at least 10 new partners join us at $1.00/day for the 2020 year to help expand the current operations. If you’d like to do this as a Christmas present in the name of someone here, we can send you a card explaining what the gift is and what it means to these kids. There are also opportunities to sponsor children to go back to school in 2020 for $30.00 or helping the ministry by buying jewelry that we post soon.

Pray: Join us in praying for the children we minister to, for Banjo and Jenny- our family who run the feeding program year round and staff: Raquel, Michelle, Inday, Bebe. Pray for our board and wisdom for how to grow deep to see change in the Cebu/Talisay area. Pray for Emily and Dennis as they lead and seek God for continued next steps.

We feel so blessed by all your messages, comments, gifts of love, and prayers from our time in the Philippines. We couldn’t do it without you and together, we can make a difference locally and globally for Christ!

Dennis and Emily

Back To School Update

Back To School Update

Our hearts are grateful for the 50 and counting sweeties that are headed back to school this year thanks to so many of our friends! This past week was full of talking with families, gathering supplies, and finally yesterday, beginning the distribution. Thank you for helping us share hope with these little ones and their families. Take a look at the pictures and videos to see the lives you helped to impact!

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